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Digital Asset
Management SERVICE

Logical Vision Managed Based File Logistics together all your files, for all your people.

Digital Asset Management Software manages your images, videos, and documents in a central workspace.

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Managed logistic for branded digital and ground distribution

A feature-packed multimedia library for teams and departments wanting to connect, create, and collaborate on one shared platform.


Managed logistic for branded digital and ground distribution

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Integrated File
Collaboration Tool

Integrated file collaboration tool for color correction, file alteration, cloud storage, unlimited sharability, and sustainable internal SSO security measurements to prevent brand defamation. Bridge the gap between to branded domains to centralize the root file for on demand logisticsreports, downloads, file shares, impressions, event’s, on-ground logistics, purchasing, and consumer consumption.

Connect Cloud Logistics

One final file allows you to connect cloud logistics and in-route processes to streamline a virtual balance sheet. Imagine a world where your FTPsite and final file deployment workflow becomes the pillar root access point for all distribution management & purchasing behaviors. The entertainment industry is the largest consumed file sharing industry in the world, which accrues a mass volume of file edits, comp versions,revisions, freelancers, and third party vendors to include within the entry point of a file sharing system.

Connect Cloud

Marketing directors get to centralize the open source sharing environment to enable freelancers, printers, marketing agencies, freights, and multi-tier permission accounts in within a managed root folder access. By storing all edits and versions within a central location, allowing for color
correction and final approval processes in a central location, you can send your final files ready for digital distribution up into all like minded web communities, packaging, printing, pr firms, and other congruent ecosystems that is accredited within a central shared file system. Any file corrections, edits, drafts, or orphen files will then stem from that centralized root folder to be automatically archived for strategic partners to have the most up to date file in real time with triggered notifications and emailers.

Executives will get to see file reports, edits, versions history, and real time analytics to see why or how a real time error has occured.

Centralized Logistics for Key Indicators Rooted Back To The Central Source

Google Analytics

Analytics Systems


Social Networks


Transport Company


Product Packaging


Entertainment Company


Video Service

06 — Centralized Logistics

Files and orphans are offspring of the final file that is approved for distribution in some form or another. Creating access points for outside vendors and managing bundles of third party tools allow you to have the layered filed compressed down to pngs, jpgs, while enabling real time file color
corrections if needed within a central system.

The front end access would allow all vendors and partners to engage into the front end web portal, get a shared link, comment, add notes, within a limited & controlled environment. The final approval process is predicated based on the SAME internal system without the utilization of cross
departmental portals, accounting softwares, and tools.

One File Can Compile A Count For Financial Metrics / Impressions / Consumption/ and Logistics such as Analyze the synopsis of the offspring associated with just a single Franchise or Title:


Enterprise Edition

A media management solution for businesses with multiple departments and stakeholders. Expand without limit and add efficient workflow and integration tools


Why choose a Digital Asset Management System?

Work your own way

  • Tailor your library to suit your business Integrate with your Content Management
  • Systems Share directly to your social media channels
  • Work in partnership with your creative programs Build on a reliable API when you need it

You’ll be amazed how little you need to change. Think of Third Light as the easiest upgrade you never knew existed.



Create amazing work with feature-rich, intelligent media library tools.


Centralized storage

Bring all of your photo, video, graphic, audio, and text files together in one secure, centralized collection. Choose to store your media on your own local server, or on a high-speed private cloud, hosted by Third Light.
Connect with your files anywhere, at any time.


Easy Uploading

Are your files hidden in folders, held by individuals or departments, and duplicated across multiple servers? This ends with Third Light.Import all your files conveniently, filter-out duplicates, keep or change your folders, and re-tag your media in an ordered, clear, personalized system.

Plus, we can help with the migration of your files into the library, for free.


Smart Visual Searching

Browse your media in an elegant visual interface that offers thumbnails, collections, and Smart Folders to organize your thoughts and projects. Search and arrange files according to meaningful tags. Your metadata can include author and copyright details, GPS map data, captions and keywords, file use information, and drop-down metadata choices of your own design.

Find the files you want, fast.


One-step send and share

Say goodbye to email attachments. Send lightweight files, folders, and lightboxes to colleagues, clients, and contributors with one click.Invite comments and feedback, and hold collaborative conversations about your work within the library. Share your files to FTP, Dropbox, Facebook, and Twitter – all without leaving your workspace.

Get your files where they need to go, now.


Convert to any file format

Resize images for mobile. Recolor graphics for print. Reformat video for the web.Supporting a wide range of file types, and packed with manual and automatic editing tools for users with no creative experience, your Third Light library makes it simpler to work with digital content. Best of all, your users won’t need to install any desktop software.

Edit and repurpose your files quickly and conveniently.


Integrate with your applications

Connect your favourite desktop software to your Third Light library.Access plugins for Adobe Bridge, and handle files from Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Add export features to Aperture and Lightroom, soyour raw workflows push content directly to Third Light.Work with your media directly inside WordPress, Drupal, and other Content Management Systems with free plugins.

Continue to use your tools, your way.


Stay on brand

Configure your Third Light library to suit your brand – in your language, with your logo, and your colors.Set tagging rules according to in-house styles. Import existing folder and metadata and enforce the right spellings.Add or remove client accounts with their own branding, and of course, use your own domain name.

Get real results, in a library set-up to suit you.


Manage And Monitor

Delight your creative and business teams with software that streamlines media management. Control the lifecycle of your files with user passwords, role-based privileges, and defined upload and download processes. Track and monitor file use and editing. Watch user behaviour and create reports. See the complete history of a file before it’s downloaded and reused. Unlock the potential of all your digital assets, by bringing them together.

Your library connects people with media – it’s simple and effective.


Built with IT teams in mind

Third Light software is created with security from the ground up. It is designed to be used directly on the internet if required, and is subject to stringent checks to keep your data safe.Third Light hosted editions are backed-up every day, and all customers are offered free updates and new features throughout the year. Our Developer Forum is open for discussion about integration projects, and we welcome and support feedback and change requests.

We use our own API – with 100 per cent test coverage – and are actively building and expanding our library of integrations.


Expert training and support

With tools that are easily mastered, and self-explanatory features, Third Light trains your library users on the go. For a deeper insight into Third Light, book one of our free or paid training workshops – for personal training by email, phone, webinar, orin-person.
Our five-star Support team are always ready to offer assistance and advice. They’re experts on the cutting edge of media management, and they’re on-hand for you.

Connect with honest, helpful people, every time.


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