Noxster — Dams Pricing and Tier Groups

Dams Pricing and Tier Groups

Enterprise Edition

The Third Light Enterprise Edition library enables large numbers of users to manage centralized media files across many departments. The software is licensed outright, with flexible hosting, support, and training options.


Why choose Enterprise

The Third Light Enterprise Edition is a multi-departmental digital media library that offers all the advanced features of the Premium Edition on an outright license.

This gives you the flexibility and freedom to choose your own hosting arrangements, tailored levels of support and maintenance, and optional extras such as Synchronization or File Server modules.

Connect everyone. Give your entire organization access to an easy-to-use, searchable media bank that enables all your employees and partners to quickly find and reuse files.


Host your own library system

Host your own library system
Choose your own storage: Keep the system close to your users by hosting it on your own network; put it in a public cloud such as Amazon EC2; have it hosted by SCG in our data centres; or add it to your existing Virtual Machine platform.

Grow into unlimited space
Use the Storage Manager to introduce more disks whenever you need to expand, without disrupting your users. Prioritize your fastest disks for popular content, and work with any combination of hard drives, file servers (NAS), virtual server disks, SAN or iSCSI.

Rely on rock-solid architecture
Our software is built as a self-contained server with a carefully maintained, secure operating system which tunes itself to your hardware. It’s been through generations of testing and use in the real world, which means high uptime, no surprises, and great performance.


Design your own metadata

Apply customized metadata systems to your files, and import or export metadata via spreadsheet with the Enterprise Edition. Access multi-tenant metadata options and tailor metadata language according to your in-house conventions

Configure your own search fields Add your own dropdown lists, tree structures, controlled vocabularies, and checkboxes to search functions. Organize and vary metadata and search result views according to user and project.

Test your choices Simulate your new service in a test site or using spreadsheet dumps, then apply changes with confidence to your live Enterprise library.


Upload Once & Post Directly To All Your Web Communities

Plug the dams library into a wide selection of eCommerce platforms, including FTP and content management systems such as Drupal, Magento, Woo Commerce, Big Data, WordPress and Sharepoint. Simplify adoption by creative teams with free plugins for Creative Suite, and compatibility with InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Use one login for everything Retain your existing user logins with a library that supports ADFS and Shibboleth single sign-on (SSO). Connect to Active Directory or OpenID servers, so that you can instantly provide access to your existing users, including permissions connected to groups.

Tailor to your business We’ll help you plan for your installation. Your Dams will propose how to tune your deployment to suit your storage needs, content types, and future growth.


Work with diverse file types

The Entertainment edition supports a wide range of file formats, including numerous proprietary or complex file types.

Easily handle video and audio files Eliminate the need for heavyweight studio software. The enterprise edition makes light work of managing video and audio files. Simply upload, watch, listen, cut, and send links.

Include documents and presentations Store and organize your PDF, Office, and other non-visual files, too. Third Light offers you a central storage space for everything. Apply search, tag, and share functions to all your text files and presentations, and enjoy the convenience of working on one platform.


A Cloud Based FTP Server

For businesses that depend on the task flows of a traditional desktop file server, the Enterprise Edition offers an optional File Server Module. This enables your Visual Vision server to be used both as a digital asset management tool, archive, virtual pre press and file server, simultaneously.

Get the best of both worlds
Unify the storage, links, folders, and permissions of your projects while retaining existing file and folder shares with the File Server Module. Access your files through your web browser, as well as on a Windows network drive or MacOS X network volume.

Simplify Life For Creative & Marketing
Mount your library on your Mac or PC and open, edit, and save documents from any application without special plugins. Users of InDesign and other creative programs can collaborate efficiently.


Get the best in support and training

Benefit from the support of an experienced and professional team from day one. To guarantee a smooth start, we can help you by coming on site to hand over your new library, with deployment and training delivered by our most experienced team members.

Free migration Take advantage of our data migration service. We’ll send you an external hard drive: simply copy the content you’d like in your new library onto the drive and return it to us. We’ll prepare your server with your data already loaded and ready to use.

Personalized capacity planning Third Light can help you fine-tune your storage needs based on the number of users you have and the type of content, and plan for future growth. Our capacity planning advice is free of charge.

Professional Services when you need to adapt Third Light For custom development work and integration help, you have the option of engaging withThird Light Professional Servicesfor highly skilled consultancy.


Website & eCommerce Analytics

Integrate your Google Analytics, Asset Shares, Downloads, and Cloud Distribution In One Place.

Ground Distribution

Freight Analytics

Customized Pricing

Unlimited Integrations


Standard Edition

A searchable photo and file library for smart designers, photographers, and creatives. Store, share, and send files fast. Start today with 150 GB of storage.


Premium Edition

A feature-packed multimedia library for teams and departments wanting to connect, create, and collaborate on one shared platform. Serious capacity with 500 GB – 5 TB of space


Enterprise Edition

A media management solution for businesses with multiple departments and stakeholders. Expand without limit and add efficient workflow and integration tools.


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Be More Than A Digital File Hoarder


Archive, Manage, & store all you files into the most s secure network in the world. Use our AWS or yours.

eCommerce Integration

Upload your files directly to your eCommerce website & track all your analytics.

Social Media Direct Post

Wel also integrate with social networks. Why post the same file 100x when you can post it once.


Work your own way

  • Tailor your library to suit your business
  • Integrate with your Content Management Systems
  • Share directly to your social media channels
  • Work in partnership with your creative programs
  • Build on a reliable API when you need it

You’ll be amazed how little you need to change. Think of Third Light as the easiest upgrade you never knew existed.


Leverage Logistics

We’ve helped over 500 clients around the globe manage their digital media.

Files Stem From External Users

Embracing Freelancers

A 30-day free trial lets you test-drive our library software with your own files and teams. Click to try it instantly, or talk to us about a guided tour.

Perfect for the
Entertainment Industry

It can be hard to know what to do with a growing mountain of photos, videos, logos, branding materials and artwork. If you want to centralize, search, share, and re-use your media via an online environment that you control and manage, without relying on public cloud sharing tools, we can help.


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