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Corporate Large Format Printing

SCG is a Corporate Large Format Printing Company. Are all large format printing companies alike? In a word, no. First not every print company Los Angeles has to offer can even provide larger format printing, much less do it well. Secondly, some large format printing companies are limited in what they can provide – some can provide canvas printing along with corrugated printing, others cannot. Some provide digital printing Los Angeles, others are a bit more behind the times in terms of their equipment and capabilities.

Large Format Web to Print eCommerce

Corporate Large Format Printing print on demand (web2print solutions) or online print ordering solutions is the perfect way to centralize your print purchasing and event marketing campaigns domestically or even worldwide. As a central point of purchasing, print on demand, or web to print e-commerce websites allow marketing directors, corporate executives, and C- Level executives to have full control over expenses, fulfillment, logistics, and spoilage. Commercial Large Format print buyers, looking to capitalize on digital storefront solutions, centralizing all your online ordering for print marketing, and advanced accounting solutions. At Southern California Graphics, our Commercial Printing Company specializes in Large Format, Wide Format, Commercial Printing, Digital Printing, Installation, binding and gluing in house, fulfillment, and Warehousing.  Experience, Technology, and Innovation are what separates us with our car wraps and fleetgraphicsc printing service.
There are two things you need in a large format printing company – the experience that proved they know how to get the job done right and on time and the innovation to be able to provide large printed marketing materials that are creative, push the boundaries when needed and make an impact on those who see them. With our eCommerce Printing website, we customize the design, workflow, accounting, API integration, and needs based on your needs. Unlike another web 2 print digital storefronts, Southern California Graphics builds custom backends in either Magento, Drupal, WordPress Commerce, or other shopping needs.

Commercial Banners for Apparel Brands

Large Format Display Banner Printing.

Get your customer’s attention and hold it with striking display banner printing services from Southern California Graphics (SCG). Whether you need banners for your retail business, restaurant, non-profit, sports organization, or any other application, SCG can help you create dramatic banners that show your best side and effectively promote any product, brand, or event. Our out-of-town customers appreciate our exceptional communication and attention to detail that takes the worry out of long distance ordering. Our digital storefront allows for a full service integrated print marketing strategy. From start to finish SCG is able to warehouse, handle your fulfillment, and ship your large format display banner project to any location within the United States. We even offer a seamless online ordering process for your locations to place individual orders. Large format display banners, pop displays, posters, and graphic communications is a key element in communicating your brand messaging.  Marketing directors look to large format graphics to communicate specials, discounts, new products, and messages to fans and consumers. Within the digital age, image-centric opportunities are more powerful than ever. Graphic communication and companies print marketing strategies have evolved. Which means that Los Angeles large format printing services are even more important to get attention within stores. Display banners are ones of the most cost effective way to voice your content distribution method. The entertainment industry, sporting industry, financial companies, and manufacturers have been utilizing sexy custom display banners for decades. They have entrusted Southern California Graphics as their Large Format printing company, because of our top of the line technology, working on some of the most creative projects, and our consultative approach as your print marketing specialist.  When you see a print campaign around Los Angeles there is a good chance that SCG was the one who collaborated on the wide format print project.  Call us today for all of your Large Format Display Banner printing.

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Display Banner Printing
Exhibit and Trade Show Displays

Exhibit / Trade Show Displays

Trade Show and Event Printing Services.

Trade Show and Event Printing Services. Because we have years of experience of our own exhibiting
at trade shows and conferences, the Large Format Printing Pros at Southern California Graphics (SCG) know how to make your
trade show, conference, or exhibit a success. When you have only seconds to get the attention of your prospect, our state of-the-art Large Format trade show printing services help you shine. Call SCG today for a free quote.
Event Signage Printing Services

Event Signage

Event Signage Printing Services.

Event Signage Printing Services. To be successful, your event signage must be the perfect
marriage of words and images. And if those images aren’t vivid, you won’t make the right impressi
on. When you need a company that has expert large format printing experience for all events, plus the marketing know-how to make your signage memorable, call 310-596-4244

Murals / Wall Wraps

Custom Wall Graphics & Wall Decals. 

Wall Murals and wall decal printing services.Southern California Graphics (SCG) large format printing company will help you with all of your custom wall graphic and decal needs. We install custom wall decals and print wall graphics. Our Los Angeles large format printing can help you turn your ordinary wall into a spectacular statement. Whether you need outdoor scenery  branding or product graphics, or something fun and sparkling, let SCG take your wall from plain to perfect. Call today for a free quote.

Retail Store Wraps

Retail Store Graphics

When you want to transform your building into a work of art that creates a buzz throughout the town, turn to the Large Format Printing division at Southern California Graphics (SCG). We’ve wrapped retail stores within buildings with vibrant images and words that get noticed from afar.For more information, or to receive a free quote, call SCG today. Building wraps, graphics, and decals come in all sizes. While the size of the printing is large, SCG has worked with family owned and operated, start-ups, medium size companies, as well as commercial service providers. No building decal is too small for SCG. From building graphics, retail store graphics all the way to installation, our Large Format print consultant will help you navigate the project.

Print Packaging

Fulfillment and Warehouse Services

Custom package printing for the entertainment industry, custom and beauty suppliers, nonprofit organizations, financial companies, marketing agencies and brand directors. Our packaging and print marketing solutions help your package displays stand off the shelves. Not only do we print, we also help you with fulfillment services, warehousing, and shipping.  One service that is different than your traditional wide format printing services is the fact that SCG also packages for the beauty and cosmetic industry. Take a look at our printing portfolio and box sets that we have printed over the last 40 years.

POP Displays

Display Printing Services.

Los Angeles Large Format POP display printing services by Southern California Graphics (SCG) help you convert your customer from browser to buyer. Our stunning POP displays make your products irresistible thanks to our advanced equipment that creates dynamic colors, and to our ultra-experienced retail print team. Call SCG today for more information or a free quote. Custom Displays that have gone viral! Prior to the POP displays going viral throughout the Movie Industry, you could find them at Southern California Graphics. Our Large Format Display printing services were called upon to produce some of the most fun characters on the big screen. As you can see they made a BIG impression. You probably have seen the trailer for the Angry Bird movie. The Angry bird displays and POP stands are all across America for the premiere of one of the biggest hits of the summer. Southern California Graphics was lucky enough to print the large format POP displays. While not every project is going to be as big as the Angry Birds, SCG understands the importance of the impression a print display can make on the consumer.  You don’t have to be a big movie studio to get your store displays or POP stands printed by Southern California Graphics.

Window Decals

Window Wraps, Decals and Graphics

Attract the foot traffic you’ve been missing with electrifying window signs from Southern California Graphics (SCG).  We create rich colors, then print them on superior materials for messaging that gets attention and generates action. Regardless of the size or location of your window, SCG has a window signage printing solution. Call SCG today for a free initial consultation and free quote. SCG specializes in doing specialized window decal printing. Some of the more complex printing projects we have scoped out have been large format lenticular window graphics for the auto industry. Some of the most proactive brands have stood out by designing window displays, graphics, and decals. Let SCG help consult you with your next window graphic.

Floor Decals

Floor Graphics and Custom Decals

Floor decals are one of the most convenient ways to distribute your content marketing in an image-centric environment. Floor decals are unabrasive form of marketing that communicates messages and helps enhance your corporate environment or family atmosphere. We offer custom floor decals and custom graphics. Our turnkey approach allows franchisees and multiple store locations to order printing, marketing, and branded products through our digital storefront. A print marketing consultant will work with you on each project to make sure that from the start of the printing job to the installation of the floor decals, your large format print graphics turn out consistent in all of your store locations.

Floor graphics are a festive way to have sales, promotions, buy one get one free, display advertising, and communicating branded messages to your consumers. Consumers tend to purchase products and items at the register or while browsing through a store. Floor decals are a subtle way to generate a positive reminder or message within an image-centric atmosphere.

Store Displays

Retail Signage

Retail Sign Printing Services

Your retail signage is an opportunity to support the brand you’ve worked so hard to develop. With so much at stake, it makes sense to trust your retail sign printing services to Southern California Graphics. Our eye-popping retail signage makes a
clear and direct statement to your customers and leaves them with the impression you wantto make, every day.For more information, or to receive a free quote, call SCG today.

Los Angeles Large Format Printing Services

On top of all that, some large format printing companies that do a very good job as large format printers can’t handle your smaller sized projects. Others, like Southern California Graphics, can handle all of your printing needs, from large jobs to small,from large format printing to canvas printing to smaller digital printing. Los Angeles commercial printing company SCG can even help with your print marketing.

Los Angeles large format printing services has no shortage of large format printing companies, but Southern California Graphics is the best equipped to meet your printing needs, not only for larger format printing, but for all types of printing and packaging. Whether you come with your own designs and artwork and simply need the printing or whether you need help with the graphic arts and creative side of your project in addition to needing larger format printing, Southern California Graphics handles all of it.

Custom Large Scale Printing, Still ECO- Friendly

What’s more, Southern California Graphics is a responsible, environmentally friendly printer. We help save trees by eliminating as much waste as possible within the print marketing campaign. Large format printing helps you communicate your message, save trees and reuse your marketing collateral for multiple events. Not to mention we are certified in Los Angeles, so you don’t have to worry about staying green with your local large format print supplier. Our printing for large displays, custom graphics, and decals, is the leader within the industry. We are proactive finding solutions to make sure that everything we print is echo friendly. How is a printer echo friendly? Well we can only speak to our only large format printing. We strive to use eco-friendly inks, dyes, and other printing materials whenever possible and to the fullest degree possible. We keep the quality up and the price and environmental footprint of your company’s large format printing needs down.

We help eliminate waste by warehousing your print marketing, offer online digital storefront solutions, and delivery services in house. Our Culver City, California location is a one stop print marketing shop that offers turnkey printing services. With the addition of our HP Indigo 10k and other technological advancements, we have become the BEST Printing company.  We have been the printing hub for advertising agencies, marketing firms, and brand directors


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Display Banners
Exhibit / Trade Show Displays
Event Signage
Murals/ Wall Paper
POP Displays
Window Signage
Retail Signage


Hi-res Scanning
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Color Correction
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Seamless Output
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